Talk to the Doctor:

We realize many people are unfamiliar and sometimes skeptical about chiropractic in general and even more so regarding specific Upper Cervical Care and Corrective Spinal Care.  For this reason, we offer two ways for you to talk to Dr. Youngblood or Dr. Mehaffey:


1. Corrective spinal care Orientation Class 

We offer an informative orientation class several times per month on Monday evenings from 6:00-6:45pm. In this class, you will get to meet  Dr. Youngblood and ask whatever questions you may have.  You will find out what we do and what makes our unique approach different. Also, we will explain who makes a good candidate for care in our office, how we do things, and what to expect as a new patient at Charleston Upper Cervical.

2. Complimentary Consultation

We offer a private consultation with Dr. Youngblood or Dr. Mehaffey for you and any family member or friend you would like to have with you. In our office, a consultation is simply a conversation not a commitment.  There is no charge for this and no obligation. We will explain what we do and how it is different. We will listen to YOU, and see if you are a good candidate for care in our office. You get to interview us and we get to interview you.  We will discuss what a New Patient Examination entails and what corrective spinal care in our office looks like.  

At the end of the Consultation, if we find that you are a good candidate for our care, you can choose to get started and proceed with a New Patient Examination at that time. We always allot the time after the consultation for the initial examination.  You are under no obligation to begin care and are welcome to schedule your new patient exam at a more convenient time.  If you choose not to begin care in our office, we will try to help find the right place for you.

Call our office at 843•225•5855 to schedule either option.
We look forward to meeting you.