Why Choose Charleston Upper Cervical?

Our office is a peaceful healing environment where we care for patients with honesty, integrity, and compassion.  The atmosphere is relaxed and positive while maintaining professionalism, expertise, and passion.

OUr philosophy

Our philosophy is that your best health and his reputation are too important to give patients anything less than the best care that he gives his family and expects for himself.  Our goal is not to see how much we can see you but to correct you as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

We find that people who have tried other approaches such as drugs and surgery, physical therapy, massage therapy, and traditional chiropractic often do well in our office because of our unique approach.  We know what we are looking for and if we find it how to fix it.  If we don't find a problem or don't think we can help you we will do our best to refer you to the right place.  Our doctors maintains professional relationships with providers of other forms of healthcare ensuring a solid referral network for the best interest of patients.

When choosing a chiropractor ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Can they visually show me where the problem is?

  2. Can they correct it?

  3. Can they Prove to me it was Corrected?



6 Weeks After

6 Weeks After

We take pride in answering "Yes!" to all of these questions.

A specific Corrective Care plan is designed based on your unique spinal misalignment to carefully and precisely restore your spine back to optimal alignment, motion, and function.